Never Worry About Amazon PPC Campaigns Again.

BRIKKER is an Automated Amazon Pay-Per-Click Software that leverages algorithmic campaign adjustments to maximize your Amazon Advertising budgets at your ACOS goal. Simply choose the ASINs you want us to manage and our software will do the rest.

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Grow Your Store Faster

Designed for new Amazon Sellers across any product verticals, BRIKKER increases bidding efficiency for you driving more sales at a cheaper cost per transaction.

  • Built Specifically For Amazon Advertising
  • Solutions For Small Sellers
  • Simply Plug into Your Account And Begin
The Result

Less Effort To Beat The Competition

Don’t waste your time learning PPC and making costly mistakes. BRIKKER is a proven software to fully manage your campaigns without incurring the high cost of agency fees.

BRIKKER Makes Amazon PPC Management Stress Free