How Does Pay Per Click Advertising Work?

Due to its importance for success in the Amazon Seller space and the demand of searches for products online, a lot of experts are recommending Pay Per Click Advertising or PPC. It sounds complicated, and many people don’t know the time or skills that it will take to create and manage their accounts. Here is …

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Automatic vs Manual Campaigns And Why You Need Both.

Amazon offers two different types of Pay Per Click advertising campaigns, each with their own function in maximizing your performance. These two types are Automatic Targeting and Manual Targeting. What about Automatic Campaigns is actually automatic? Automatic targeting sources keywords for you that Amazon’s algorithm thinks will perform well on your account. These keywords are …

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How Do I Calculate ACoS?

Calculating your Average Cost of Sales goal is one of the most important steps that you need to take as a seller when you’re getting started.  Why is it so important to consider your ACoS? Your ACoS will let you know if your business is profitable. Making sales is important, but you have to take …

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