Automatic vs Manual Campaigns And Why You Need Both.

August 6, 2019Best Practices

Amazon offers two different types of Pay Per Click advertising campaigns, each with their own function in maximizing your performance.

These two types are Automatic Targeting and Manual Targeting.

What about Automatic Campaigns is actually automatic?

Automatic targeting sources keywords for you that Amazon’s algorithm thinks will perform well on your account. These keywords are automatically added and then your budget will be used to bid on them to drive traffic to your page.

Manual targeting means that you will be putting the keywords into a campaign yourself. You can download your keyword list from your automatic campaigns, look through it, and find which of those automatically sourced keywords are performing best and make the most sense to keep.

What are the benefits of each?

Automatic Targeting:

If you are a busy seller, the automatic campaign will be sourcing keywords for you instead of taking the time to think of or find them yourself. This can take time, and without additional tools it will be difficult to know what the bids will be on the keywords you’ve thought of. Checking bid amounts to make sure they fit your budget is another time consuming task.

Automatic campaigns will find the keywords for you and add them to your list. The main benefit you have is time savings from keyword research.

Manual Targeting:

This option allows you to have much more control. You’ll be putting the keywords in yourself, which means that, if you choose well, there won’t be any that are not relevant to the product that you’re selling. This should mean more relevant traffic goes to your page, which will result in higher conversions. Higher conversions will lower your ACoS, increase Sales Velocity, and overall improve your rank on Amazon’s ad platform.

Which should you choose?

The short answer: both!

Each campaign has benefits to them. Your automatic campaign is generating new keywords for you. While some of these keywords may have too high of an ACoS, or not be relevant to your campaign, there will also be some great ones added that you may not have thought of or found.

Amazon also has the ability to add negative keywords, and you can put those irrelevant or expensive keywords in there so that you don’t have the wrong kind of traffic on your page.

Without Automatic, you’re losing a keyword research tool.

Manual can be used alongside Automatic to put the best performing keywords in there and adjust bids to be higher for an extremely targeted, well-converting campaign.

How to be effective using both Manual & Automatic campaign types

By now, you should understand the benefits and drawbacks of both kinds of campaigns, and that using both can be a great strategy.

However, there is some additional work that needs to be done to ensure it’s effective. 

There are two important action items you need to take weekly for best results.

  1. First, you need to analyze your keyword reports to find out which of the keywords is performing best. Key factors to look at will be ACoS, click through rate, and of course the number of sales that keyword has generated. These top keywords will be the ones that you’ll be moving over to your manual campaign.

  2. After adding a keyword that was sourced from your automatic targeting to your manual campaign, you need to remove it from automatic campaign. You don’t want to double bid for keywords, and your manual campaign will have higher conversion rates so it’s best to keep it there.

To do this effectively, you’ll need to be able to put in the time for both of these steps. The increased sales and the money you will save will allow you to grow your Amazon Pay Per Click Advertising.
If this sounds like the right step for your business, but you don’t have the time or resources to learn and study keywords, PPC Automation Software like BRIKKER may be the best option.

Email to schedule a demonstration of how BRIKKER can accomplish this important task for scaling your advertising without having to increase the time and effort you put into Pay Per Click advertising.

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